McElroy Sean


Founder, Architect, Technologist

Name:Sean McElroy
Address: Dallas, TX, US
As one of the co-founders of Alkami Technology, I am working with an amazing team of vibrant, talented experts to redefine online banking and the relationship you have to your institution, your wealth, and your knowledge about how to manage and grow it. I bring a proven track record of game-changing technologies that build great teams, innovative products, formidable companies, and market value.


2009 - present

Alkami Technology

Co-founder, CTO, CISO

Online banking solutions are the heart that integrates all the disparate systems to provide a clear and concise picture of your financial relationship. Alkami rethinks, redefines, and redesigns the industry by integrating strong product vision, tying together intuitive reimaginations of user interfaces with meaningful personalization and deep insights of "Big Data" techniques in a fast, always-on, mobile-first solution.

2002 - 2009

Computer Services, Inc.

Director of Development

I established a suite of successful online financial services in a SaaS solution for retail expedited payments, item processing direct presentment and private "on-we" check exchange networks, targeted online marketing, and document management and delivery for financial institutions.


Corporate Finance

Price School of Business, University of Oklahoma

M.B.A. post-grad work. Completion in progress.

Management Information Systems &
Business Management

Price School of Business, University of Oklahoma

Two B.B.A.'s. Emphasis on Human Resources Management. Graduated with Distinction.

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